Emerald Lake and Sky Meadow
September 11, 2011
WE start with a very easy hike, having had the experience that on the first day at altitude, we are not very strong. Though this was an easy hike of less than four miles round trip, with enchanting scenery, Frank found the couple hundred feet of climbing difficult. That was rather disheartening, but having had this sort of thing happen in previous years, he hoped it would improve rapidly.

And it did improve, but after an injury and its consequences kept him off the bike most of the year and compromised his health, he tended to be slow and lagged behind a lot. It did afford an opportunity to pay closer attention to his surroundings, though, and he used this chance to exercise the new camera.

Stella, on the other hand, felt strong and determined, and took the lead most days. But she, too, found this hike plenty for the first day.
A gentle climb toward Emerald Lake. Rain threatens over Sky Meadows.