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Bill and I share a pool of photographs. We each made our selection from the pool. There is some overlap, but we do not collaborate in determining who uses which captures. The pool consisted of raw image files, and we each developed the photographs independently.

Mammoth 2021 Photo Albums

Annotated by Stella and Frank

Sep 23 Sonora Pass
Sep 24 Half Moon Pass
Sep 25 Hall Valley
Sep 26 Red Peak
Sep 27 Twin Lakes
Sep 28 Sabrina to Midnight
Sep 29 Reversed Peak


We were happy to be back in the Sierra after fires and smoke prohibited our 2020 trip. We got very lucky with the smoke this year, though it threatened often. Again we did no epic and mostly stayed close to Mammoth. But we did bag a couple of peaks, and took a lot of photos. The Fall foliage is spectacular, turning our hiking range into a wonderland.

  • On Day Zero, we do a short walk on the PCT from Sonora Pass.
  • On Day One, we successfully reach Half Moon Pass, but it was too much for a first day.
  • On Day Two, we have an easier, but scenic day in Hall Valley.
  • On Day Three, we finish old business and climb Red Peak, but don't make it to Pyramid.
  • On Day Four, Stella and Frank take a short rest day walk at Twin Lakes .
  • On Day Five, we climb a long staircase from Lake Sabrina to Midnight Lake.
  • On Day Six, we do an easy but fun climb up Reversed Peak, and regard Mt Carson from afar.