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Bill and I shared a common pool of photographs. We each made our selection from the pool. There is some overlap, but we did not collaborate in determining who uses which captures. The pool consisted of raw image files, and we each developed the photographs independently.

Mammoth 2014 Photo Albums

Annotated by Stella and Frank

Sep 14 Attempt at Lookout Peak
Sep 15 Mount Gibbs
Sep 16 June Lakes Loop
Sep 17 Tioga Pass and Minarets Vista
Sep 18 Mount Watkins
Sep 19 Bishop Pass
Sep 20 Homeward


This year, Bill and Frank were fortunate to have Stella back in our midst, after her unfortunate absence of the year before. This year our hikes were less ambitious than last, and there was very little technical climbing. But instead, we brought our bikes, and devoted two days to riding, including a climb to Tioga Pass.

  • On Day One, Stella, Bill and I test out conditioning with an attempt on Lookout Peak above Little Lakes Valley. Our route may have been a dead end anyway, but a hailstorm put an end to our hike prematurely.
  • On Day Two we do a very strenuous slog to the summit of Mt Gibbs. Never mistake "Class 1 Walk-Up" for "easy".
  • On Day Three we take an active rest day, with an easy bike ride around the June Lakes, which turns harder when we return into a strong headwind.
  • On Day Four we climb Tioga Pass by bike, and add a climb to Minaret Vista.
  • On Day Five we do an easy hike down and up Mt. Watkins, which is very fruitful photographically.
  • On Day Six we hike out of the King Fire smoke to Bishop Pass and hope to see a route up Mt Agassiz.
  • On the Seventh Day God rested, so we went home.