DSC07407 Photo Courtesy Bill Bushnell

Mammoth Trip, 2016

September 10

Sonora Pass (West)

Stella, who had been waiting in the parking lot with a view of the road also pulled in behind Bill. After some rejoicing and congratulating, I was rummaging in the car for some more layers to put on for the descent, because it was surprisingly chilly up here, a little bit above the heat wave. Suddenly another car appeared behind the Saab, and we were ambushed by a group of three exclaiming, "Stella! Stella!"

So it came to be that while I attempted to pull a t-shirt over my helmet, Stella was unexpectedly reunited with Beth and Thomas, old cycling buddies from Bikeaholics days 15 to 20 years ago. Out of the blue on Sonora Pass. They had recognized Stella's Saso bike on the bike rack of the Saab.